TOPS-M1004 changes 4 camera images and 0 audio data into digital images and displays them
with various resolutions. It’s a professional DVR that is capable of utilizing high compression
technologies, and plays back the video with ease.

TOPS-M1004 supports real-time monitoring and search/backup at remote locations.

CPU Celeron 1.0GHz
Main Board ATX
Memory 256MB
H.D.D 40GByte
VGA Card ATI 32Mbyte
F.D.D 3.5 Inch
O/S Windows 98 SE (Option)
Mouse, Keyboard PS/2, 106key(Option)
Camera Input 4 Port
TV Output 1 Port
Sensor Input 4 Port
Digital Output 4 Port
Audio 0 Port
Display Speed 30 FPS(NTSC), 25 FPS(PAL)
Recording Speed 30 FPS(NTSC), 25 FPS(PAL)
Compression MPEG-4
Image Resolution 320*240
Image Size 1 ~ 3 Kbyte
Motion Detection 10-Region per channel/Adjustable sensitivity
Recording Mode Continuous, Motion, Sensor, Pre-Alarm, Scheduled Recording
Remote Control PSTN, ISDN, ADSL, LAN and TCP/IP
Backup 3.5", DAT, DVD, CD-RW (Option)
PAN/TILT/ZOOM RS-485 Interface (Option)

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