MP Series: Tops-8916, Tops-6916
TOPS-6916 is a 16 channel unit that converts 16 video and 8 audio signal into digital images and displays the images in various resolutions up to 4 CIF or DVD quality. User friendly interface that utilizes the MPEG-4 hardware compression technology, TOPS-6916 is a professional DVR that supports real-time monitoring and remote Search/Backup.
Camera Input   16 Ch
Main TV/Spot Monitor Output 2 BNC / S-Video
Sensor Input/Digital Output 16 Ch / 16 Ch
Audio Input 8 Ch
Maximum Image Display 480 fps (live)
Maximum Recording Speed  240 fps
Detection Method Motion, Sensor, Audio Detection
H.D.D.   Unlimited (default 120GB)
Power Supply 6916(D)*   Redundant Dual Power Source
CPU Pentium4 3.0GHz
Main Board ATX
Memory 512MB
H.D.D 120GByte
VGA Card ATI 32Mbyte
O/S Windows 2000 Professional
Mouse, Keyboard PS/2, 106key(Option)
Camera Input 16 Port
TV Output 2 Port
Sensor Input 16 Port
Digital Output 16 Port
Audio 8 Port, G.721 / 8khz, Mono / 32kdps
Display Speed 480 FPS(NTSC), 400 FPS(PAL)
Recording Speed 240 FPS(NTSC), 375 FPS(PAL)
Compression Hardware MPEG-4
Image Resolution 320x240 / 704x240 / 704x480
Image Size 1 ~ 12 Kbytes / frame
Motion Detection 10-Region per channel/Adjustable sensitivity
Recording Mode Continuous, Motion, Sensor, Pre-Alarm, Scheduled Recording
Remote Control PSTN, ISDN, ADSL, LAN and TCP/IP
Backup Network Drive, USB Drive, DAT, DVD, CD-RW (Option)
PAN/TILT capability RS-232 / RS-485, D-SUB
Surveillance Mode
Search Mode
Configuration Mode



-Max. 16 Camera Output -1,4,6,8,9,10,13,16 Display -Camera
-1,4,6,8,9,10,13,16 Display -Image Zoom In, Out -Sensor & D/O
-Pan/Tilt/Zoom/Preset    Control -Image Revision & Water mark -Speed
-D/O Control -Audio & Video Search -Schedule
-Store Data Backup -Panorama -Motion & Color
-Audio Volume Control   -Detail Search   -Audio
-Full Screen   -Backup   -TV Output
-Display the Initial recording Time -Zoom, Print -Network
- Instant incident search - Playback control -Password
- Digital Zoom    


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