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Tops CFL-Center is the aggregation solution of fiber optic link. It is composed of rack mountable 19inch 3U height chassis, 2 power supply units (one is default & the other is redundancy optional) and 12 line-card type Video/Audio/Data Links. PSU supports the hot-swapping function, so it can be replaced with new one with no effect to fiber optic links.

- Removable line card type power supply
- Redundancy power supply & hot swapping
- 110/220V AC selectable
- 12 slots for line card type fiber optic link
- Supportion SNMP-v2, MIB-ll based management
- Rack Mountable 19 inch 3U chassis
- Telnet/RS-232 console terminal


1. IP Network Systems

2. Cameras

3. DVR

4.  Fiber Optics

5. Disk Array

6. Servers