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Tops CFL-R series Optical Ring Link consists of CFL-RB01(16Node) or CFL-D01(32Node) which is installed in Control Center and CFL-R101 in local site, can be composed of16Node including 1ch Add-Drop Video, 1ch Bi-Directional Data and 1ch Ethernet. In case that CFL-R101 in local site is composed of 16 Node, it can transmit the signal via one core optic cable up to 320km(Max. 960km) without any repeater by one Ring-Type System.

-Single Fiber(1Core) Optic Ring : Bi-Directional Transmission
-Digital Modulation, TDM, CWDM
-Default 16 Node, Max 32 Node Compodition
-10Mbps Ethernet (Point To Point) Support
-Supports Video Add-Drop function, possible selecting each 16 Node
   (Max. 32Node) and monitoring from each Local sites.
-Easy controlling by putting every LED and Power switch in front
-Rack Mount Line Card type & Hot swapping
-Supports NMS function


1. IP Network Systems

2. Cameras

3. DVR

4.  Fiber Optics

5. Disk Array

6. Servers