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Tops CFL-2401 is a optical link system which is used with CFL-6401 or CFL-1281 installed
in Central Control Center. CFL-6401 can consist of Max. 4Node by Linear type system and can support 16ch Video per Node to transmit Max. 64ch Video and 1ch Data over one core optic cable up to 80km between each Node.

-Supports Add-Drop Multipoint applications
-Automatic Line Protection
-Removable Line card Type power supply
-Redundancy power supply & Hot swapping
-16 slots for Line card Type fiber optic link
-Supports SNMP-v2, MIB-?based    management
-Rack mountable 19inch 3U chassis
-Telnet/RS-232 console terminal


1. IP Network Systems

2. Cameras

3. DVR

4.  Fiber Optics

5. Disk Array

6. Servers